Results of the 2011 D & R Canal Paddlers' Race

1C11:40:42Ian Ross
2C11:47:56Gavin Ross
3C11:48:06Jim Ross
4C11:59:39Dave Impens
5C12:17:44Jack McCabe
1C21:36:09E Werner & A Soles
2C21:37:37G Lowry & J Firkin
3C22:28:30D Evans & M Evans
1CcC1:55:22 RonB & C Nissley
1K11:26:04Vadim Belyakov
2K11:36:06flavio costa
3K11:41:15Doug Marley
4K11:43:13Cliff Roach
5K11:43:14petro aekseev
6K11:43:36Ray Zuhowski
7K11:50:19Rick Knelly
8K11:51:44Joe Ervin (Most frequent D&R C racer)
9K11:53:21Leonardo Cacatian
10K11:55:30Noah Landay
11 K11:57:46Kathleen McNamee
12K12:03:28Mark Weiner
13K12:07:44Fred Linkhart
14K12:28:03Joel M. Gottlieb
1K21:23:18Jesse L & Sean B
2K21:56:22V Lishcuck & N Ash
1W1:54:56D, J, A Zier & Luc

email: Racemaster , Dennis German with questions, corrections or comments. West Caldwell New Jersey 07006